Gray Sky

by johnny goth

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songs to vibe to on a rainy day

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released May 17, 2015



all rights reserved


johnny goth Burbank, California

hi Im johnny goth.

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Track Name: lights out
lights out for good
no one is home
everything is dark
and your on your own

the fear of the night comes
to take your life
away from you

breathe it in
and breathe it out-
Track Name: scary movie
i know that you wanna go home but
i just can't let you leave
it's too dark and scary out there
stay with me

i'll put on a scary movie
we can just pretend
that we are more than friends
for just one night
Track Name: gray sky
blades of grass and your hands in mine
everything feels fine
lifting our heads to the starless sky
trees lit green from the street lights
i’ll hold your hand as we both fall
back to where we began

gray sky
don’t leave me again
tastes like cigarettes

gray sky
i’ll see you again
just like old friends.
Track Name: some kind of goth
you give me all of you and then i walk on by
shoot me if you can cuz i dont care about my life

i’m alone alone alone
i’m alone alone alone

lower you’re hands if you don’t know who you are
watch yourself float away in the darkness of your heart
you dress up in all black and go out for a walk
covering your eyes with your hair like some kind of goth

i’m alone alone alone
i’m alone alone alone
i’m alone alone alone
i’m alone alone alone
Track Name: lost in the night
there’s a breeze in the air
and everything is alright
we don’t have a care
cuz we’re lost in the night

we’ll fall asleep so peacefully
underneath the trees
minds at ease

there’s a breeze in the air
and everything is alright
i don’t have a care
cuz i’m lost in the night

my heart beats for me
but it wants to beat for you
so take my hand
and we’ll get lost in the night
Track Name: we are gonna die
take another pill and start another fight
smoke another cigarette
everything is alright

i'm gonna die
you're gonna die
we are gonna die
Track Name: fade away
there’s a woman dressed in black
where she goes there’s no comin back
you’re not comin back
the light of a new day arises, but you cant stop thinkin bout’ the past

black dresses turn to white
and everything starts to feel alright
spooky ghosts fade away into the night